Being a Facialist Expert has allowed me to work with many skincare companies. Since the age of 9, my mother has opened up a beauty center. I was always around skincare product in every aspects of my life. Through many skin problems I have experienced over the years. This have led me to try different remedies. I have to say of all the things I thought worked in the past made my skin worse. Certain procedures might not be suitable for your skin and that is why a true understanding is important.

Sometimes cure is worser than the problem. Through experiments, I have tested and tried upon myself, I have come to fine that with the right knowledge and with the right treatments, your skin can be at their most beautiful moments. Maintenance is truly the key to your most beautiful skin.

That is the reason why I believe so much in my signature treatments and the products I have selected for my clients. The knowledge and studies that I have received over the years have made it clear for me that giving my client the best
new skin is everything to me. Consultation is my number one priority in searching for clues to address my clients skin issues. Lifestyle can play a big role on your skin. I always take the time for my clients.

I use top quality ingredients from the natural plants that does not contain
irritants such as mineral oil, lanolin and artificial fragrances. In conjunction with my face treatments, I have combined my top signature facial treatments according to the different skin needs.

My treatments are all about the true principles of proper exfoliation and hydration to balance the skin while preventing and hydration to balance the skin while preventing and treating skin ailments before they arise.

I always listen to my client’s concerns and that is the best way for us to start the treatment together and this way you will have a beautiful skin!

Your Facialist,
Alisa Sirisant